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Exclusively at the Oriental Village, Langkawi

Elephants in Malaysia

There was a time when elephants were more common in Malaysia. Elephants were seen on farms; provided transportation and transported the logs from deep jungles. However, Malaysia's "elephant tradition" was somehow lost after World War II.

Once also found throughout West Malaysia, today fewer than seven states remain homes to our elephants. As in any country around the world, natural animal habitats have been lost to industrialization and agricultural & housing projects. Since the 1970s, many "conflict elephants" have been relocated to National Parks around the country.

The elephants found in Malaysia are of the Asian species (Elehas maximus), the other being of the African variety (Loxodonta africana). There are some 1,200-1,800 surviving elephants in Malaysia's wild while around than 50 feature in captive programs around the country. Asian elephants have also sent to zoos around the world including Singapore, Uzbekistan and others as part of national zoos' animal exchange programs.

Elephant Riding in Malaysia

There are not many facilities in Malaysia that feature elephant riding programs. Most government zoos and elephant rehabilitiation centers offer heavily subsidized riding, albeit limited, programs.

And, yes, elephant riding is available on Langkawi at the Oriental Village, Langkawi.

For the experience of riding an elephant a'la Malaysia–which features riders sitting in a basket placed on the elephant–head out to the Oriental Village on Langkawi Island. For more information, click here to visit our main webpage.

Adventurers at the Oriental Village may ride the elephant into the foothills of Mount Machincang–the 550m centerpiece to Langkawi Geopark. Programs offered include fun rides, Geopark (or jungle) Adventures or River Adventures (i.e. a river crossing).

For more information, you may contact Langkawi Elephant Adventures here.

Finding Us

The Oriental Village is located in the north-western sector of Langkawi Island. It is also home to Langkawi Cable Car (or Panorama Langkawi, as it is now known), the premier must-experience tourist attraction on the island.

Langkawi Elephant Adventures is located adjacent to Panorama Langkawi at the Oriental Village. See the map below for directions.

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Updated April 8, 2012

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